Church Business Ministries


I am a missionary to churches and pastors and other missionaries. The Lord has given me a ministry of helping with financial advice, auditing services, and teaching on finances. 

On this web site you will find: 

- How to contact me

-Tax Preparation Worksheet

Email, cellular, or written mail. I will almost always be available to help.
Articles I have written that may be of help to your ministry
I have written many devotionals that may help you with your walk with your walk with God.
I also have written Financial Freedom for the Christian Family that will help Christian family live debt free
There is a large database of sermon outline and handouts for any pastor or speaker to use
Power Point presentations Forms I recommend people use
Corresponding to many of the outlines I have a few Pointer Point presentations.
Tax information I need in order to complete a tax return for you
I frequently am asked to file tax returns for missionaries and pastors.
Links to web sites I often recommend to others
I have been asked where I find certain information or where I go to do something.
Doctrinal statement of what I believe
I be live Jesus the Christ who has come once to die and saved all that come to Him will return for His millennial reign on Earth very soon.
- How to know for sure that you are saved
Struggle with doubt? Don't know if you really are a child of God? 
- Ways you can be a help to my ministry
I am here to be a blessing to you. On this site you will find many ways I can help. If there is something that you would like to know if I can help you with or not just call or e-mail. I'm here to serve.
- Look over my schedule